80 Pasos


Around the world in 80 pasos is another project of Samuel Funflow, a videblog about dancing around the world.

He will be travelling around the world with his camera, to show you amazing places, great people, yummy food and the dancing scene of the places where he will be travelling.

He will show you through this website and the social media, his adventures and how the people dance in the places where he will be travelling.

Life is too short to be serious, and of course it will be some crazy stuff on the videos, so the FUNFLOW is guaranteed.

Here you can check all the episodes but don´t forget to subscribe his youtube channel to stay tuned!!

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Check below all the episodes and don´t forget to subscribe the youtube channel to stay tuned.

80 Pasos: Trailer

80 Pasos: Hamburg (Germany)

80 Pasos: Mallorca (Spain)

80 Pasos: Rostov (Russia)

80 Pasos: Morocoo (Rabat)

80 Pasos: Moldavia (Chisinau)

80 Pasos: Riga (Latvia)

80 Pasos: Budapest (Hungary)

80 Pasos: Minsk (Belarus)

80 Pasos: Kalsruhe (Germany)

  80 Pasos: Rostov 2.0 (Russia)

80 Pasos: Prague (Czech Republic)

80 Pasos: Tallin (Estonia)

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