In Latin dances we are used always to see a male dancing with a female.

But... Why? Why sticking to such a simplistic vision?

We aim break that mold and build a new way of dancing: more inclusive, free and modern.

That’s why we created the LGTBailamos project (#LosGaysTambienBailamos, stands for Gays also can dance). This project is geared towards the LGBTIQ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, intersex and queer); because dance does not care about sexual orientation.

We establish two roles in the dance couple: a leader and a follower; YOU DECIDE the one that fits you better or that you prefer, and… you simply DANCE!

To add our little grain of sand and make a better, more tolerant world, we do many activities:

- Meetings and talks to spread the word and let people know that a different way of dancing is possible


- Regular Salsa and Bachata classes where we put into practice our vision of a non-stereotyped latin dance


- Animations in nightclubs

- Articles and video reports


If you want to join this revolutionary project don´t miss our regular classes in Madrid.

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